Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good.


At JT’s Slap Shot Hockey Shop, these words are not just a motto, but a way of life. Our promise to you is that we will work together with your institution to create a unique look, from the best manufactures in the hockey or lacrosse world, at an unbeatable price.

We are able to provide our excellent pricing due to volume discounts thru the manufacture and passing the savings on to you. We understand that hockey and lacrosse are expensive sports already, so we do what we can to help out and offer the best price possible.

We offer the following products to hockey institutions:

Custom or stock: Helmets, Gloves, Pants, Shells, Bags, Uniforms, Warm-Up, Lifestyle, Base-layer & Fan Apparel, Pucks, Starter Sets, Goalie Equipment, Tape, Laces and other accessories.

We offer the following products to lacrosse institutions:

Custom or stock: Helmets, Gloves, Arm Pads, Bags, Uniforms, Goals, Balls and other accessories.

Our Manufacture Partners:

Bauer, CCM, True, Warrior, Brian’s, Vaughn, Eagle, Laurin Bags, Flow, Howie’s Hockey Tape, Athletic Knit, K1 Sportswear, Grit, Mission, Cascade, STX, Brine, Maverik and others. 

To get your institution started on the path of Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good, send an email or call our National Sales Manager, Ryan Ehrhardt. He will get back to you within 24 hours and whether you’re looking for a case of pucks, new jerseys for your adult league team, or an association-wide re-design, you will get our MVP treatment.


-Ryan Ehrhardt, National Sales Manager


515-331-2659 (W)