Goalie Leg Pads

We proudly stock a wide variety of goalie leg pads - for all sizes and from beginner to pro.


We do custom orders as well, with savings that cannot be beat. Give us a call or come in for a quote!

Our goalie pricing is highly competitive, so come in, get sized up and we'll discuss what pads work best for you!

We carry the following brands:

  • Bauer Supreme
  • Bauer Reactor
  • CCM EFlex
  • CCM Premier
  • Vaughn Ventus
  • Vaughn V7
  • Warrior Ritual

Where to Find Us:

JT's Slapshot Hockey Shop
7380 Hickman Road
Windsor Heights, IA 50324

Phone: 515 331-2659

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Business Hours:


Monday: 10:00 to 8:00 PM

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